Apartments by the sea with an income of $7000 per year and no taxes - is it real? Answers to questions.

The main reasons for investing in premium apartments by the sea are reliability and simplicity. For example, with an investment of $39,000 or more, you can own a turnkey apartment with a sea view and a guaranteed income of $7,000 per year in Georgia. How is it possible? We tell you in detail.

"Conceiving our fourth project - the hotel complex Tryp by Wyndham Batumi, we primarily took into account current trends in the investment real estate market - the participation of international brands, full management of the apartments by Sophos Hotels and a favorable location on the sea line.

Lasha Akhalaia, CEO of the Horizons Group construction company in Batumi, Georgia

Who and for what purpose decides to buy an apartment in Georgia?

Accessibility to foreigners and ease of transaction

Non-residents only need a passport, and the registration procedure takes only a few hours.

At the same time, you can dispose of your property as you want – to live in it or rent it out through the management company, resell it.

Reasonable price.

The tourist market in Georgia is actively developing, millions of tourists come here every year, and the prices are more than reasonable. For example, in September at Horizons Group you can buy a turnkey apartment on our birthday (we are turning 8 years old) for only $34900. And that’s with a view of the sea!

No property taxes.

You do not have to pay them in Georgia or in Germany. Taxes for profits from renting out the apartments are paid entirely by the management company.


At resale after construction it is from 30%, and a passive income – guaranteed from 8% per year, which is fixed in the contract with our company.

What provides the income?

First of all, it is the infrastructure of a 4-star hotel. On the first ten floors of our complex is a brand hotel Tryp by Wyndham Batumi.

The last 6 floors are the entertainment area.  Panoramic swimming pool on the roof, outdoor terraces, restaurants, spa, etc. – All this will have a profitable effect on the profitability of the apartments.

The hotel and apartments are managed by Sophos Hotels, a Swiss company with many years of experience in property management.
Pedantry and punctuality of the Swiss are not only Swiss watches and knives, it is a key feature of their approach to any task, which is why they control the entire process from the construction phase.

The commission of the management company includes all the costs of the apartment, you get only the net income:

  1. Service charges (payment for electricity consumed by the building, cameras, elevators, security, etc.) 
  2. Housekeeping and supplies (clean towels, linens, shampoos, etc.)
  3. Advertising and attracting guests
  4. Insurance (if something breaks the company is obliged to fix it).
  5. Payment of taxes for profits from renting the apartment.

And what is the expected profitability of the apartment?

We are based on our experience in managing our own Horizons aparthotel and statistical data from Georgia, the average cost of living taking into account seasonality. Even in the most pessimistic scenario, your net income will be at least $7000 per year. Below is a profitability calculation using Studio 18 on the 20th floor as an example

How can I buy an apartment?

You can buy them remotely or come to our real estate tour to see everything on the spot.

You can choose right now on our website, especially since in September we have interesting discounts and gifts for every buyer on the occasion of the company’s birthday.

Or write to our consultants, they will be happy to answer all your questions. We are on Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber

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